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Anonymous asked: you're not even queer so you shouldn't have an opinion though


You’re right. I’m not.

That doesn’t stop me from realizing how important the representation is for people, though. Why do you think you never see a post on my blog (either made by me or reblogged by me) that talks about how much I want Johnlock to happen because I want representation for myself?

Just because I’m not though, that doesn’t mean that I’m blind to how important it is for some people and how groundbreaking it could actually be. I know that showing representation like that (from world famous characters) is groundbreaking and I want to see that.

So, while I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that I know what it feels like or even quite the extent of how groundbreaking it would be, I’m also not gonna sit there and act like Sherlock and John being in a romantic relationship isn’t important for representation.

Hi, anon.

I am queer - grey-bisexual aromantic, to be precise.

I think the issue here is that you heard ‘cishet people’s opinions on queer issues are not important’ and took it to mean ‘cishet people are not allowed opinions on queer issues’. Everybody is allowed opinions on issues, but the only important opinions on any particular issue are those of the people it affects.

Cishet people are perfectly entitled to stand up in support of the queer community so long as they are working to amplify the voices of its members rather than speaking over them - that is exactly what a good ally should do.

If cishet people are using their voice to support queer people, then that’s a demonstration of basic human decency, and shouldn’t be discouraged.

bennydinkcumbybatch asked: Hey, I've just spent ages looking at all your amazing art, I can really see how your style has matured and I'm all asdfghjkl with how good you are. Could you recommend some of your favourite artists that do Johnlock/Sherlock stuff? Hope you have a great day!


Goodness, there are so many! This is off the top of my head so if I forget someone I’M SO SORRY. 

reapersun for how dynamic her drawings are—plus her amazing anatomy skills. If I ever feel like I’m stuck, I immerse myself in reaper’s work. She’s very inspiring. 

taikova for how GORGEOUS her Sherlock is and the soft, detailed way she makes her art. UGUGGG, tai you’re so brilliant!

flyingrotten for her use of line and space because holy crap she should win an award for just how incredible her werejohn comic is. No, seriously. I’m obsessed with it.

floccinaucinihilipilificationa for unparalleled humor. Not to mention her style alone is so captivating and humorous all on its own. Flocci’s going places. 

voodooling for her use of color and no-lines approach to her artwork. I absolutely love it. It’s so warm and engaging. It’s like drinking hot chocolate. 

otterymary for her use of color and line like seriously. I’m a huge sucker for lines and loose painting and she’s just phenomenal at it. 

halflock for how smoooooooth everything is. The color, the lines, everything. *kisses tips of fingers* Perfecto.

justaholmesboy for ANATOMY MAN. I love holmesboy’s sketches so much because I love seeing their process like whoa. 

vellium because their art is flawless. I mean, it looks as if there’s no hesitation whatsoever in their work. And it’s adorable as all get out. I’m dead serious when I say if you haven’t enjoyed vellium’s work, you’re missing out. 

deebzy's style is one of my favorites. It's so much fun and so alluring. I'm jelly of their coloring and the way they draws mouths for some reason.

felixandria's work is so freakin' whimsical. I can hear music in her work. It's like she's hugging me through the internet and I hope she never stops drawing ever. 

stitchlock for only the most sweet and cuddly OTP goodness this side of tumblr. No one’s art can make me squee like stitchy’s. Not to mention her plushies and I WANT EVERY SINGLE ONE IN MY ROOM RIGHT NOW I WANT TO KISS THEM ALL.

sweetlittlekitty for just about everything, really. Color, anatomy, style, creativity. I’m always blown away by kitty’s work. Every time I see their art cross my dash, I want to snuggle under my blankets and smile all the time.

kriskenshin for their twin styles. They can just fluctuate with such ease and it always impresses me. Always. *dreamy sigh*

aiwa-sensei for so many AWESOME THINGS LIKE HAVE YOU SEEN SENSEI’S POKELOCK? Go. Do. Now. It’s pretty much the best thing ever and I could just drool over it all day long.

pocketsizepeople because nothing is cuter than their work. I don’t think it’s possible. 

archiaart for anatomy and the way she shades things is unreal. I love her work so much. Her style is so so SO in tune with her darker themes and her writing blows my mind.

khorazir for traditional media and they always, always, ALWAYS illustrate the most amazing fics. Talented writer, too. I mean, you can’t get any better than that. 

p-chi for…I’m trying not to say everything, but yeah. Everything. Smooth lines and perfect color and tone and I couldn’t love p-chi’s work more. It’s not possible. Please go and look at p-chi’s amazing work.

emillu for her Hounds remake. Her style is so, incredibly expressive and all of her AUs are absolutely perfect. She’s incredible. 

shootbadcabbies for CUTE and SASS and COMICS. She always inspires me and she just keeps getting better and better. She’ll probably be the death of me.

navydream for every. Single. Comic. Sandmanlock, babylock. Don’t get me started on how perfect her lineart is. I can’t keep my eyes off of it. So impressive, so beautiful. Her baby Sherlock is unbearably adorable. 

elasmosaurus for how lively her work is. It has so much character and I wish I could have a house covered in elasmosaurus’ drawings. The flat colors and…I can’t describe it. Just how easy her lines lead the eye. Magnificent. 

apitnobaka for liiiinnnness. I love lines. I love lines so very much. And apit delivers.

gingercatsneeze for her brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT animation. God, ginger is amazing. Her work is so seamless and fluid. I could stare at it all day long.

enerjax never ceases to make me smile and she’s SO QUICK. She just has a way with her work and you know she’s a master because everything looks so easy and natural and her confidence is truly outstanding. 

naturalshocks for possibly the most beautiful shading I’ve ever seen in my life. Just wow. WOW. Her work slays me. Every. Single. Time.

sadynax for her traditional approach to art. I lover the use of pen and markers and the ease with which sadynax wields her tools is unreal. Also, baby Sherlock Holmeses and John Watson’s are to die for.

ilovemyjawn for HUMOR AND STYLE AND HUMOR AND DID I SAY HUMOR? I think ilovemyjawn is made of magic because everything she does is golden and I hope she knows just how talented she is because I laugh so hard I cry when I go through her art tag.


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blognumber-221bbakerstreet asked: I can't believe its 2014 and people think a queer relationship would ruin a show??LIke no the fuck it won't because it should make no fucking difference what way a protagonist swings, sweet sugared fuck those comments are so horrible and the fact that a lot of people agree just shows what a shitty inequality goes on. I thought we were doing well here in england! making progress? Obviously not! Well fuck this cup of tea and get me some gin because im pissed off now. bless this fandom! bless you!

Hear hear!

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