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Anonymous asked: What's BDSM?

A sexual/lifestyle practice. It stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission and Sadism & Masochism/Sadomasochism. It has a wiki page!

Anonymous asked: Have you seen Hannibal's s3 spoilers? They revealed who's coming back and asdfghjk i can't




John Watson + jealousy (1/2)

My favorite part is that I think it’s genuinely ridiculous to John— like, it’s so funny it’s painful. He’s like, ‘don’t kid a kidder, I know Sherlock Holmes and he’s in a monogamous relationship with deduction’. In that sense, the look at the wedding ring really stands out ‘cause John isn’t making a joke out of it. Like, on some level he just genuinely can’t believe Sherlock is capable of romantic/sexual attraction, so it’s a farce. Even if it hurts John, it’s still a farce. In a way, it really is funny (look at his face!), but it’s also just sad because basically he’s treating Sherlock about the way Sherlock treated the train guy in TEH. Of course it’s a coping mechanism, but the jealousy is definitely mixed with sheer amused incredulity. He’s waiting for the punchline; really, he is the punchline, and he plays along. John isn’t usually as over-the-top as he is when he plays up his incredulity at Sherlock’s impossible sex-life.

With the ring, the joke’s on John, because this means Sherlock can’t feel things at all.  He was still thinking he’s okay with it, he convinced himself he was okay with it, he even went ahead with the marriage and told himself it was okay— because what they had was enough, and he wasn’t going to push. But it just takes one more lie before John starts thinking he never had anything at all. And I think John’s really sincere about it, jealousy or no— he really is okay with anything as long as he’s the only one Sherlock feels intensely for, the only one who knows Sherlock. Except maybe he doesn’t. And it’s not rational, and he knows better, but it’s hard to be rational about one’s greatest fear: maybe Sherlock is empty. John doesn’t really believe it, but he can’t help but consider it. And at that moment, it’s like the world goes grey.

Anonymous asked: I thought you might find this interesting, there is a Belgian movie named 'SM-rechter' (BDSM judge). In the movie there is a man and a women whose marriage has been strained and the woman reveals to the man that she wants to try BDSM. fun fact: the movie does not glorifies or romanises BDSM, it shows rather the consequences. After a while, the man gets arrested for assault and injuries. I rather watch that kind of movies then '50 shades of Gray'

Hmmm, see I’m also really opposed to the vilification of BDSM. What I want is portrayals of BDSM relationships with a stress on the importance of ongoing consent, negotiations, safe words, after care, and ensuring that both parties benefit from a relationship they want to have. I’m not opposed to 50 Shades of Grey because it explores BDSM. I’m opposed to 50 Shades of Grey because it’s a terrible portrayal of BDSM and every person in the BDSM community that I know think it’s atrocious and glamorises abuse that no good Dom would ever want anything to do with.


"I have often said that Hermione is a bit like me when I was younger. I think I was seen by other people as a right little know-it-all, but I hope that it is clear that underneath Hermione’s swottiness there is a lot of insecurity and a great fear of failure".
J.K. Rowling


probably my favourite thing is when people who hate johnlock say things like “johnlockers are problematic because they say johnlock is canon which is offensive to queer people!” when the opposite could not be more true

when those posts by those two bnfs came out about johnlock being sufficient representation, tjlc-believers were the first to speak up and say “no, this is not sufficient, we will not be complacent with this”

like if you’re going to ignore all of that and the fact that so many tjlc-believers are openly queer and only talk about people who are CLEARLY making a silly post then don’t get angry when people call you out on it

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Anonymous asked: so i know we all like to imagine that John would be the confident and suave one. that dating Sherlock would just be second nature to him. But I really don't think it would be for him? I think he'd be just as nervous as Sherlock would be, despite his romantic experience. Same with the sexual as never having been with a guy before and having to learn new things. Idk, I just really think that neither of them would be "Oh yeah, piece of cake, nothing to this at all." at least not for a while.

Well, we can’t be sure whether he’s ever been sexually involved with a man before or not, but I think he would be nervous because it’s SHERLOCK. They are so important to one another, I think they’d both be daunted and nervous and excited at the beginning of their relationship.


Hannibal cast on San Diego Comic-Con 2014 - July 24th, 2014