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I need convincing ‘Sherlock is gay’ and ‘John is bi’ meta, quickly!


Trying to win a discussion from a homophobic arsehole, and I know there are some great meta-ers out there, so please give me hand!

Here’s my Johnlock meta masterpost, here are a few posts on reading Sherlock as gay, here is my masterpost on John being bi and here is knackorcraft's masterpost on the same topic. Best of luck! x


Yeah but I’m seriously going to just fucking unfollow people who are like “everyone who is anti-tjlc is fucking stupid” because guess what you can fucking ship Johnlock without being a total twat!! You can ship Johnlock without belittling queers and our struggle for rights!!!
You can ship Johnlock all you want dude I don’t fucking CARE but don’t tell me it’s canon and they’re queer representation

Okay, but that’s not what TJLC is. TJLC is the belief that Johnlock WILL become canon, not that it currently is. The slogan is “actually gay or actually trash”, i.e. that if it doesn’t become canon, it will have been an unacceptable level of queerbaiting and the writers will have a lot to answer for. I agree that using it as an excuse to hate people is completely wrong, but TJLC isn’t something harmful to queer people - a lot of people who believe in it are queer ourselves.

sherlockianfeels asked: What the hell even is bdsm? I don't understand it at all.

The acronym stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission and Sadism and Masochism. There’s a wiki page on it!



we need to hate the 50 shades of gray as loudly and aggressively as possible on the internet

but, its gonna be porn that its actually accepted….

50 Shades of Grey grossly misrepresents BDSM and glamorises sexual abuse and rape, while the porn industry is even more harmful

what we should be making socially acceptable is this kind of pornography being UNACCEPTABLE by promoting independent porn (like that produced by individuals for sites like XTube rather than industry-produced porn) and erotica which portray healthy, mutually enthusiastically consensual relationships and realistically explore BDSM and the importance of consent and safe words and after care in BDSM relationships


if you have a great dane but it is a runt then it is a mediocre dane and you are contractually obliged to name it hamlet

Anonymous asked: You're amazing. I love all your well written and thought out responses and you are so good to all the anons. I highly respect you even though you're nearly a decade younger than me. Thank you for making Tumblr a better place.

Oh, bless you, thank you! It’s a pleasure! xx

Anonymous asked: Hey just wanted to let you know that you are a fantastically beautiful person and you need to keep on keeping on and don't let the haters bring you down and all of those other cliches. Just know that I would be flattered if you even like looked at my blog. Have a glorious day!!!

Thank you, lovely!! xx

Anonymous asked: I don't understand what's so wrong with identifying with the gender you were "assigned at birth?" Or even the issue with assigning genders at birth? Like, what else are you supposed to do? When the doctor delivers a baby, of course they're gonna say "it's a boy" or "it's a girl" and it makes sense that the parents would treat it as such?


There’s nothing wrong with identifying as cisgender - the problem is treating cis female and cis male as normal and treating anything else as abnormal

The only reason a child’s assigned sex organs should be announced at birth is so the parents can take care of the child properly - biologically female sex organs and biologically male sex organs have different physiology (estrogen or testosterone) and anatomy. Biologically female bodies go through different physiological experiences than biologically male bodies. That should be the only reason sex is announced at birth - so the parents can plan accordingly for the kid’s future.

However, what’s happened with cisnormativity is that uninformed and bigoted people now believe that female and male are the only gender options in the world, and have created gender roles for each respective gender to mold to. By doing this, not only have they created some major sexism problems, but when someone discovers that they don’t fit those gender molds, they think of themselves as abnormal, wrong, and a freak.

Which is fucked up. There are far more than two genders/sexes in the world and creating gender roles and advocating for cisnormativity and not telling children that, “hey, did you know that if you don’t feel like a girl or a boy, that’s okay?” is why trans and nonbinary people shit so much on cisgendered people who ask, “why do you hate cis people so much? What’s wrong with being cis?”

Parents shouldn’t be assigning gender roles to infants who can’t even sit up without help, let alone grasp the concept of sex and gender.

Anonymous asked: What sexuality are you?

Grey-bisexual - I rarely experience sexual attraction, but when I do, it’s to men and women.